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Business Insider is at it again with an interesting article for companies that struggle to see the difference between innovation and creativity. In short, the article is telling us that while creativity is hard to measure, while innovation can be measured.


According to the article, creativity is all about thought processes and conceiving new ideas. The results of these thought processes will sometimes just be thought experiments, but in some cases they can also lead to physical products that we can see, hear, touch or taste. Creativity is subjective most of the time, making it hard to measure.


Innovation is a different beast. It can be measured and it all revolves around introducing new things in stable systems. An idea is just an idea, but with innovation extra work needs to be done to actually implement the idea and reap the results. A need has to be recognized and creativity needs to be used in order to find a solution.

Design thinking

Companies often strive for creativity within their organization, but what they should actually pursue is innovation. This can be done by using a common language for innovation, design thinking. The common language helps companies set innovation goals and keep track of progress.

Design thinking is a language which defines several overlapping stages of development and it’s not just a set of steps that can be followed to reach an end result. There is an inspirational stage in which the problem that needs to be solved is identified, an ideation stage in which new ideas are developed and an implementation stage in which the ideas are implemented. To make sure an optimal result is achieved, companies can move back and forth between these spaces.

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