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Painting your house or living room can be quite a hard task. Finding the right color isn’t easy and even if you have the right color in mind, you still need to choose between hundreds of shades of the same color. Not an easy job at all, but paint retailer Sherwin-Williams has a solution for Google Glass users. They can use ColorSnap Glass to match colors in pictures to the right shade of paint.

ColorSnap Glass

The idea behind ColorSnap Glass is pretty simple. You take a picture using Google Glass, you send the photo to a server of the paint retailer and the server tells you which paint colors match the colors in the picture. So if you want to paint your living room and see a an object in the real world that has the exact same color, just shoot a photo and the app will find you the matching paint color. Fast and easy!

Available now

Although most of us probably haven’t had the luck of acquiring a Google Glass yet, the ColorSnap Glass app can already be downloaded from the website of the product. Aside from the app itself, the installation instructions can be found on the website as well as lots of other information for people interested in the new app.

Other mobile devices

ColorSnap Glass is the first app of its kind for Google Glass, but for most other mobile devices there are several apps with similar functionality. People that have a mobile device running iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone can easily find an app for matching colors in pictures to paint colors in the appropriate marketplace. The apps all work pretty much the same and whenever a picture is made, the colors can be identified by a server and matching paint colors can be returned to the mobile device.

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